Best 25 jokes to tell on the coming april’s fool day

This is the chance to show your friends and your colleagues how a hilarious, yet tactful person you are. The website where you can find all kinds of funny quotes recommends you some of the best April fool’s day quotes. And if you know a great funny saying about the Aprils 1st, and this saying is not on our list, please share it with us through the comments section below.


Unemployment gives me plenty of time to make some cunning April fool’s pranks on the people who made me unemployed.

I wish I could be on jury duty on April fool’s day.

I’m sorry you had to leave thanks to my April fool’s Day joke.

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I believe you still think it’s March, so I am sure you won’t pull any April fool’s Day pranks on me.

I wish your workday won’t be as boring as a multi-billion dollar company’s April fool’s Day prank.

It’s not my fault I haven’t wished you happy birthday. I wasn’t sure that Facebook was not making an April fool’s joke on me.


You should know, that no one understood it was an April fool’s joke because no one expected you have a sense of humor.

Making you believe you’re the father was the best prank I could have dreamed up.

Any your April fool’s Day prank won’t be so bad than that’ve already happened to me this year.

I’ve a feeling that my introduction to highly unpleasant friend was your attempt for an April fool’s joke.

You’ve done really good job deceiving and degrading me.

I’ll better wait for tomorrow to tell you I’m pregnant to avoid confusion in your mind.

You should know that on April fool’s Day my natural mistrust of others will go up to a level nearly the psychosis.

If we would have sex tonight I’d be happy with you telling everyone it was just an April fool’s joke.

Anything you say I won’t take it seriously and it doesn’t matter we talk today or any other day of the year.

April fool’s Day should be the best time to inform you that you have no idea where my clitoris is located.

This year I had problems with any good pranks, so I sent your whole family a photo of my balls.

You’re really smart to wait until after midnight to tell me you love me.

April fool’s pregnancy prank would not have succeeded if it wasn’t for your reckless promiscuity.

I noticed your unhealthy lifestyle what makes cardiac arrest a possible outcome from an April fool’s joke.

Let me all wish you a happy Pretty-Much-Just another day where all of the news you find on the internet is actually fake.

May your playful April Fool’s Day prank help make your multi-billion dollar corporation appear slightly less evil.

Dear friend, I’m sorry that my April Fool’s Day joke which I played on you resulted in your deportation from the country.

Do you know what you have to do on the April Fool’s Day? Believe nothing and trust no one. Well, just like you should do any other day.

I hope life isn’t a huge joke, because I have to admit I don’t get it.

Nothing is foolproof to an extremely talented fool.

On the 1st of April Keep Calm and troll.

If every fool wore a crown, we would all be kings. Luckily enough, we aren’t


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